Four Seasons
Chinese Restaurant
14735 Bratton Ln,
Austin, TX 78728
(512) 251-0827
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Chef's Suggestions

Item Name Price

CS1. General Tso's Chicken


CS2 Sliced Beef w. Orange Flavor


CS3 Beef & Scallop

Beef & Scallop w. Mushroom Snow Peas

CS4 Four Seasons Delight

Beef, Scallop w. vegetable in four seasons sauce.

CS5 Assorted Saefood w. Sizzling Rice

Scallop, shrimp and vegetables

CS6 Four Seasons Duck


CS7 Sesame Chicken


CS8 Crispy Walnut w. Chicken

Deep Fried Chicken sautéed in special Sauce w. Walnuts

CS9 Cripsy Walnut w. Shrimp


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